Let’s go East! (heading the Silk Road)

This year my daughter Marit (21) will graduate for her Bachelor. Before she will start her Master, she and her boyfriend Hidde have plans to travel the Silk Road by camper. The intention is to work for six months, meanwhile buying a van and then converting it into a camper. The camper has to be self supported, and equipped with a number of “green” elements. (you could think of solar panels on the roof, warm water provided by sun heat, a water filtering system for drinking water etc.)

As we are a family pool, we will support them in needs for the camper. Another 20% of our operator rewards will be therefore saved in a ADA wallet. You can support this initiative by staking with SOON. Because after all, when we create blocks, we all automatically receive rewards.

At this moment, it’s the time for hard studying, to graduate.

We’ll keep you posted about the progress!


  1. Joe Lee Hemphill II
    Joe Lee Hemphill II

    Excited to stake my ADA to a worthy hippie cause. My lady and I are avid roadsters and would love to journey Silk Road one day also. Good luck Soon Family

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