Our charity goals

In line with the Cardano philosophy, we want to create a better world. This is accomplished by sharing some wealth to help others who need it. That is why 20% of our operating rewards is donated to charity. Because we a family stake pool, we also want to support small local family related charity projects.

The program we have devised, supports local charity projects for a maximum of six months. After six months, we donate the content of our charity wallet. In this post, we show how the money was ultimately spent. By choosing a new project, our delegators have an important voice, as they may propose the charities. The condition is therefore that it is family related.

The prior project was linked to our grandniece. She does voluntary work for an animal shelter. It is a local animal shelter that could use financial help, but prefers to stay anonymous. We are currently looking for a new project, stake with us and determine which project it will become.

We collected 502.835891 ADA so far. (15-07-2021)

Do you want to help? You can directly donate some ADA’s at ADA Address:  addr1qxrgmw8gnchh4wursjf6pfd4fes009cjysr3ad999053jfzdak6gxm34zjknc45jdyzle78vjx6twm80nq9wan48trlsskmqg6 Or just stake with us!

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