SOON stakepool in a nutshell

  • When we reach 1M stake, we will start the project “100 ADA epoch giveaway”: after that epoch we will pick randomly a delegator and donate the 100 ADA extra rewards to his/her wallet. 
  • As a Dutch Cardano ADA stakepool, we support the decentralization of the Cardano network. Global available for all who wants to enjoy staking ADA to create passive income. We have a 0% fee pool, which means maximum profits available for sharing with you as a stakeholder! Staking with us is simple: just read the post how to stake with SOON?
  • SOON pool consists of a reliable stakepool setup, hosted on a VPS solution in 4 different datacenters, located in 4 countries. (see also our Setup & Monitoring page)

What dedicates us:

  • We provide maximum support to the Cardano network through a high performance infrastructure set-up, hosted in countries with only a few stakepools. (see also: Why SOON?)
  • 20% of our operator rewards will be donated to a local charity. For the next half year, (till the end of august 2021) we will support a Dutch local animal shelter”. See also our post “our charity goals” 
  • Another 20% of our operator rewards is to support my daughter. She has plans travel the silk road by camper. The intention is to turn a van into a camper. With the 20% we can buy her some camper needs… Follow the progress on the post Let’s go east!  

For info: DM us at Twitter or contact us on Telegram.

Ticker: SOON

Pledge: 150K 

Pool margin 0%